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sharkmouth (Lyric) by Bill Z Bub
X-ray ladies smile: show me sharkmouth. freaked-out metalmouth. hovering platinum halo guile, gleaming needle pearling for candy apple gums, snow laced with blood, icewater numb. "soothing blisters of synthesis walk on alkaline locks" the shark never ceases assault in the crevices quicksilver trajectory thumb through directory, sea king. no thing. fuzzed out, bloating, sucked undertowing, memory floating. zig-zagged yellow dominoes twisted wire poking through my cheeks making continual O's with a sharkmouth spitting: "soothing blisters of synthesis walk on alkaline locks" Uneven to my tonguetip you separate, pulled by lipbalm green-knees, shudder-breeze, handclamp, biblecamp. Awkward fingers make away in the shade, cut open your shoulder on my silverbarbed muddlemouth. Now sewn shut and under combination. sea king, some thing. a sick confirmation and this is the body. Years from now I'll tongue you like a secret scar. say it like a rock star like the acrid welts in my cheeks, haven't tasted in weeks. Hiding sharkmouth, muse on the chewing of chokecherries, and feel the red trickle from the corners when I keep trying to say: "soothing blisters of synthesis walk on alkaline locks"

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