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Israel (Through The Eyes Of One Jewish Soul) (Lyric) by slana5
ISRAEL, Eternal land where I am whole, Refuge to my lonely soul, Its one true home- No need to wander, no need to roam. Sprouting from the dust, Against all reason Your truth stands high, Your pride is just Through all time and season. ISRAEL, Miracles like raindrops evolving from your glory, Water tubes placed carefully throughout each crevice of your story. Permeating your earth with irrigation, Pouring forth rejuvenation, Transforming death into jubilation, They circulate life throughout our nation. And counting every tribulation, You record the sound of every Jewish life, Echoing each joy, painting all its strife. ISRAEL. Witness in our endless struggle to salvage our existence, Calling us to daily rise in dignified resistance, And withstand all evil’s insidious persistence. Rejoicing in our faith, And weeping with our sorrows, Teaching us to bravely face all of our tomorrows. From your greatest mountaintops to every blade of grass. To your oldest cities with rich and ancient pasts. From your vastest desserts to your Wailing Wall Where the proudest man can tremble at LOVE’S forgiving call. From the joyous music that rings throughout your streets, To your squares and gardens where each generation meets, And from your tropic palm trees To every sun-drenched shore. GOD’S eternal presence vibrates through my core, And renders me in awe ISRAEL. And as I greet the future today, I may not see roses crowning your way, But I do see a beauty that is hard to convey. I see one candle that is burning so strong, It will melt our silence into fervent song. The song that we’ve carried for thousands of years, The song that rose out from our wars and our tears. Out of the ashes where the world was so dark This candle ignited our song with one spark. Each word that we followed returned us to you, And now this song will carry US through. Carry us forth from the NIGHT that we knew. ISRAEL. Through destruction and chaos JERUSALEM still stands, So in prayer and dance we now must join hands, And in a triumphant kaleidoscope, Sing in one voice our great song of hope. Hope loud enough to light our world like the sun, Of all your beauty this hope is the sum, This HOPE is the cry of Jerusalem. Water tubes spread carefully throughout each crevice of your story. Water tubes placed carefully in every crevice of your story. Of all your virtues this hope is the sum.

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