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Something for Lynn (Free verse) by Jeremi B. Handrinos
Your sky-blue satin robe was my little boy blanket. At a time when security was a man on his way to prison. Remember when i cut my finger on that can of cat food and you held my hand under the sting of cold sink water? It stands out big as a felled tree, smaller then Red barns. In the movie called my mind I am sorry my father slept with your sister trading your heart for stale banana nut bread under a burnt out fridge light. Thank you for being my mother for a couple of years, it helped. That night you left my part time father for good? He let me sleep out in the front-room with him late and on the floor. We watched the "Wolfman" with Chaney. I fell asleep in my charming father's hairy arms. The warmth of his breath on my tiny neck and his dominant smell of guarding loomed throughout that boxed house. While next to him I slept almost like a baby. I knew then why you and I loved him. I wish he had felt the same. Before the change took place.

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