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Moo Gai Pai lover (dedicated to Settle) (Villanelle) by Sylvia Bravo
"Me love you long time" With penis tucked between her legs Why should it be a crime? For $5 she is all mine Gives me head and then she begs "Me love you long time" Now, I feel like slime Call my wife and tell her about Moo Gai Pengs and I Why should it be a crime? After pornos and jacking off to Sublime I hit the streets just to find my Pengs "Me love you long time" Another $5 gone, Moo Gai doesn't waste time Asahi, shower, then pornos and perhaps some ping pong. Why should it be a crime? Tomorrow back home to the Mrs. Nicholas Prime Counting sheep..1,2,3,4,5,89,pong, pong, ping, pengs "Me love you long time" Why should it be a crime?

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