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triple suicide server line (Free verse) by Bill Z Bub
1. oh dear another cry for help echoes on the screen why do I feel so much for the suicide typo? because I understand that sense of obsessed loneliness? the indulgence is sickening but so good. the pure bitter line of creation is truth. 2. Poetgirl, you make me sad there is a purity in the dark of your words you are obviously young & sensitive trying to cope but I don't know you & never will hope. so why do I say such things? I bite my nails in the blue light of a monitor and sigh keep writing, keep going, keep living. there is something there is something there is silence 3. the only thing worse than living is to die alone with the drone of unhooked phone get stoned find that warm spot by the heater a sudden unexpected note and a simple handshake are profound. death will come anyway, wash out that wound, and listen for the sound of the birds at your morning window. But don't forget to smash that asshole in the face when he comes around to collect.

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