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Another Tragic Love Poem (Free verse) by greym0on
Ten O' Clock Another Poem to you... about undying love With Loss and Regret thrown in Somewhere between the verses describing sorrow and despair. Another Poem - the same as all the rest... Would it do any good to say - "I miss you" in eloquent words You can chew on inside your head? Or can I just say that I can call you to mind... See your look of secrets untold - With your crooked smile - and feel the need to touch... No - my words can't say enough. Should I write line upon line Of the word "love", It's very meaning existing on the borderline of Heaven and Hell... describing the vastness of its presence and the emptiness that emanates from deep within in its absence? Or can I simply say that I can't live without you? Could I go into detail on how every day brings a deeper sorrow - Describe the word in a great symphony of adjectives: Deep - Unbearable - Endless... Or can I just tell you that - I need you - I miss you - I love you - Don't go... I could spend hours and hours Sifting through words. Picking and choosing the perfect way to simply say "Forgive Me" There is no word that can soften the edges of "Never" and I find myself lost in that word - Knowing you're leaving so soon. Would you ask me to go - If I could find those words that elude me? Those perfect defining words that could describe exactly how much I'm dying inside? So that you would know this is real. This is true. This is forever. I could write you a book... Pages filled with elaborate words to move you and make you understand. But there is no word I've found so far, that will make you change your mind, And keep you with me always. 10-14-02

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