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Premarital Sex (Zombie Fantasy) (Free verse) by Sigh'ense...
Through his naked eye she seems so vibrant. But perversion is revealed as truth is understood. Still he pursues with selfish ambition, Eating away at his own perseverance, wishing he could. Ignoring her rotting physique and fatal sensuality, His spiritual mind's eye is blinded by desire, So using ecstasy as morality's pacifier. He now embarks the wrong course, Rebutting her body as a spiritual corpse. Replacing his Godly fear with tactics so diviner, Enticed without remorse. He passionately slips himself into her lifeless vessel, Ensnared by natural inclination, Now realizing the error of this imprudent penetration. Her carcass stinks of the world as she temporarily moans in response, Lost in liberty, he prays for the prohibited recognition Taken because of his impatient mistrust. Clutching her waste the prospect of life is ejaculated from his soul, His limbs weaken and his tear ducts erupt, as his heart crumbles returning to dust. Da1 Osborne

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