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Munnar -a must -see destination (Other) by Jessina
Ti’s an enchanting haven of sprawling tranquil green Sleeping majestically in the lap of nature like a queen Amidst the rolling silvery mist so sheen Clad in a sheath of winding satin smooth grass hills Interspaced with cascading jungle streams that thrills A spectacular feast for every soul with its pristine stills The panoramic view of valleys decked with velvet lawn Adds vibrant hues to weary days that are gone Opening the casement of life for a lively dawn With whispering wilds and soul searching misty breeze And the refreshing drizzles that pour through canopy trees Captivates the heart of every soul that sees Nestled in the veritable sea of meandering tea plantation Cuddled with misty dawns and silent nights that ignites our imagination A true abode of God’s marvelous creation

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