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Home coming of her love (Other) by Jessina
Sighing profoundly she saunter Down the corridor of her chamber Slow was her movement Like a weary itinerant Lost in a world of sheer gloom Lounging restively on the stairs so plume Quivering in hoary morn Clinching her ruddy coverlet Soft and chilly breeze gently wafted Those braided curls festooned once With exquisite pearls from Venice Tumbled on her delicate collar Reminiscence of bygone memories Of those incessant ecstasies Strolling languidly in soothing moon lit night Clasping the hands of her prince so might Citadel bells began to chime Melody of splendid rhyme Proclaiming the blissful home coming Of her darling prince so charming Here he comes leaping the torrent Graceful, majestic and valiant Merrily riding his snow white mare Heads up with brawny spirit; ever so rare Swiftly she hears a gentle knock; on the carved ivory door Aching the fiber of her entire core Slowly she unlock the silvery latch Drifting herself in a tender catch There he stands; with shimmering smile Rocking her wheezing for a while Hastily met their parching eyes To unfold the desires of myriad days.

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Dark Angle70.181.103.1494December 2, 2007 1:29 PM PST
amanda_dcosta61.17.22.2315December 2, 2007 10:02 AM PST
Anonymous117.97.54.228November 30, 2007 1:13 AM PST

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