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You (Free verse) by terbenaw
I gaze upon the night's pale eye Its incandescent illumination Invigorating my being As I think of you Your face Enchantingly beautiful Captivates my vision And Earth's shadowy blanket Coupled with its luminous jewels Serves as your backdrop Your eyes, twin windows Into glimpses of Heaven Shine with innocence And love unfettered Promises of forever hinted In pecan brown treasures A winter wind whispers In my ear, carrying a voice Rich with velvet warmth that dances Within the confines of its cool exterior As its gentle caress tickles my mouth Sensory recollections surface Of soft lips upon my own Its edges curled upwards Into a smile The breeze diminishes And the world slumbers in dreams Of tranquility, yet still I think of you I wonder if you're out here with me somewhere Under the watchful eye of the night

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