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Maybe Someday (Free verse) by Luzr
I got myself a pocketful of wishes today And from them I could write a thousand different ballads Of smiling eyes and plastic reactions, perfect and precise Telling of a lifetime ago, and a lingering fondness I am caught, struggling against seeking for myself the comfort of lips wrapped tightly around either a bottle or a barrel I felt the tell-tale signs of a heart beat As I stared you in the face And the fires burned The bandages I wore caught in the flames Thank god that barbwire is good for closing wounds I watched to sing tonight And I saw your sweet blasphemy I wondered how much of tonight Was calculated, and how much was careless I saw you replace me, making me once again your inferior And these asides I think mean something They don't, do they How is it that tonight I am feeling like The betrayer, When I am the betrayed That one second that I've been asking for I got it today plus a few more Where you merely made me miss you By your soft sweet whispers of secrets Shared and once recalled, hard forgotten I swore an oath to you one of those chilly autumn nights An endeavor I have never failed upon My question sweet shadow is merely Am I wasting tonight thinking that Maybe, you'll be curious someday If the taste of my lips has changed

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