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Devil, Devil, Hear Me Pray (Other) by PsydewaysTears
Devil, Devil, Hear me pray. Listen close To what I say: I would pay you to tempt me With your every little lie And send to me your malice Wrapped up in a cherry pie. Devil, Devil, Hear me pray. Keep my sobbing Eyes at bay: I would beg you to strike me As a Devil only could. I deserve more to suffer Than to be just understood. Devil, Devil, Hear me pray. Teach me of The wicked way: I would ask you to take me Far away from who I am. I bet there is no one here Who would even give a damn. Devil, Devil, Hear me pray. Take me, Take— Take me away: But if I cannot make you Do to me what you must... I will send me to you With a single, well-placed thrust!

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