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Rendered Genderless (Other) by PsydewaysTears
Take away my genitals And then take away my mind. Throw me over Niagara Falls. I will tell you what you'll find: A little piece of Heaven And a few loose strands of Hell, A refining light of Zen All inside a broken shell. I am not out to conquer And I'm not out to deceive. I may be mediocre But I know what I believe. I will believe in freedom And I will believe in me. I'll know that I can become Anything I want to be. Don't you tell me who I am And then pretend that I'm free. I will never eat the ham That you place in front of me. Just know everything I am And that all I'll ever be Will never give a damn About what it is you see. Inside me is a person With a fire burning true Whose hopes will never worsen No matter what you do. I know what I deserve And will one day extol As long as I preserve My honor, heart, and soul.

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