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The huntsman's shame (Free verse) by Stephen Robins
Undone, aghast and reviled, My secret revealed to the hunt, Those who were formerly beguiled, Are disgraced by my childish stunt! Approaching a fence at some speed, I pulled my horse back to jump, I fell from the back of my steed, And landed heavily onto my rump. Now as you will doubtless recall, My crotch is most pathetic, I was ill prepared for a fall, With my girl guide penis prosthetic. My jodphurs split from arse to front, And dangling by the remaining thread, There lay a sight obscene to confront, A girl guides papier mache head! "Explain that away" the Master crowed, And I will give you a shilling, Knowing that no humans bestowed, With Papier Mache filling. Cast adrift from the hunting scene, I now fill my hours with lament, Destined to spend my life unseen, In cruel hours of loneley torment. To be continued....

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