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Jesu Vs. The Hells Angels On Viagra (Other) by horus8
I'll be out of town shooting a TV commercial in Moab, Utah, for Anheiser Busch, from the 13th to the 16th. Wish me luck! And thank you friends, and family, for your continued support. Micah turned 5 this Sept 27th, and is really enjoying Kindergarten. Cyrus was born on July 15th, and is a happy stinky baby (In case anyone was wondering). My book is out now, it's called Juno's Peacock, and is a Christmas must, so buy it for a stocking stuffer (Lest we all starve on Top Raman). Also my two CD's are for sale currently for 5 bucks each at They make for great coasters, and or rescue mirrors (In case one finds their self stranded, or bored to death on a deserted floater) Sincerely, Jeremi Britt Handrinos Aka Horus8, Of The Werewolves. Ps. Suck my Motherfucking Dick, Cheney. Save A Whooping Crane, Burn A Bush Check out Ed Peterson's spectacular review of my poem 'Temporal' in this month's issue of All Write Fucking Magazine, a place where poetry convenes with lubricated squash. Temporal+by+horus8 Thank you Ed, please send me a receipt, and my front teeth I miss them. Love, Horus8 & The Werewolves

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