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Horror Film (Free verse) by Jeremi B. Handrinos
Often, late at night, they will come out, and flash, pop, shatter with limo chatter. I might be working the corner and wave; Blond juts out of sunroof, topless, vomits. Orange County tattooed on her teeth and palms I miss junk, it would be a time like this to shoot. Tonight, I'm off, I'm writing about a one eyed pimp Wheel chair knight of no table -- smoking blunt. Gathering the harem of broken product & Fat bottomed carriers, wigged, painted, dull. City life burns hotter than hidden stars bother As I look up, I only see a line of planes. Man, what I wouldn't give to be with you now Michelle, I'm sorry I lied -- Orpheus died. And as I recall my first love through poem and twisted scenery, trash, this cracked dream. Simultaneously, another film plays in my mind; Us Making love behind the Korean church in your Mercury. Now I pen mad panoramic visions and chaos & Nova, now I am really lost, a new vampire. Ignotum per ignotious Something dead stalking memory. Something dead finding surrogates Something altogether frightening.

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