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school reunion (Free verse) by irishfolksuicide
Sorry but I am unable to come To reminisce By the severed oak trunks That sheltered our youth, once Please accept my apologies Lay this wreath of daisies Let it forgive me In my absence Perhaps where I once sat Alone and outcast Among dead headed bells And brown trampled grass That told me their day The same as the last Starkness, a wintry crown Bald elipses drawing around The stillness of lilies, of peace In the pond facing down I have moved on Found shelter again In trees proudly hung (Till withered to stump) Again I am sorry But I am unable to come

Down the ladder: A Pirate's Sonnet

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Arithmetic Mean: 7.25
Weighted score: 5.6051183
Overall Rank: 2259
Posted: August 15, 2002 10:22 AM PDT; Last modified: August 15, 2002 10:22 AM PDT
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[8] <~> @ | 15-Aug-02/10:26 AM | Reply
yum yum. drip drip. i hope they have an enjoyable evening....
[9] ==Doylum @ | 15-Aug-02/10:54 AM | Reply
Still mustn't grumble.
[9] ==Doylum @ | 15-Aug-02/10:55 AM | Reply
Still mustn't grumble. 9/10
[7] horus8 @ | 15-Aug-02/12:33 PM | Reply
it was only a matter of time before elipses reared their hydra heads again, but all your friends will be there?.to help you push the penny around the toilet seat one last time for life luck and good measure...i fuckin hated school, and those who were cool, and p.e coach O'toole. don't go! mines this year too..i sent them a reply in the form of white powder enveloped...crusaders MARCH! one two three forgive me jesu' for blaming poo.
[9] deleted user @ | 15-Aug-02/1:08 PM | Reply
from an author named "rubbish," this is a damn fine piece of work. i thought it would be lyrics to a heavy-metal song.
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