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Unhearted (Lyric) by Miggy
I can’t force what’s between us Nor figure if love is inside But baby we could only trust What our hearts are trying to hide No matter how much I know Couldn’t get a degree in romance So we must let everything go Cause we’re together as one big chance (Chorus) I can never become cupid Even though I always try Having you isn’t an idea stupid Only a possibility in life No control of what’s at stake Just a risk that we must take Voices you hear are very simple Telling to get out while you can Not like I can live without you here And I’m not some kind of quick sand Our goals are too fast to chase We always pull each other backwards Can’t blame you if you push me away For I wanted just to be a loving factor (Chorus) With all this time Can’t tell the difference Between our love Between ourselves Reality has crashed down Been blown to separate worlds Always end up together somehow Everlasting like a shining pearl (Chorus/Ending)

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Arithmetic Mean: 7.3333335
Weighted score: 7.055193
Overall Rank: 22
Posted: January 31, 2004 6:53 PM PST; Last modified: January 31, 2004 6:53 PM PST
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[10] -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. @ | 1-Feb-04/4:13 AM | Reply
A weeping chuff of dignity. -10-
[9] zodiac @ | 1-Feb-04/6:39 AM | Reply
The cool thing about selling lyrics to boy-bands would be to make the first letters of each line spell something like "WE ALL WORSHIP SATAN - AND WE'RE GAY". Then when the song was released you could point it out to all your friends.
[9] zodiac @ | 1-Feb-04/6:40 AM | Reply
Unhearted isn't a word. I can't tell if you knew that.
[5] NanceXToo @ | 5-Feb-04/12:53 PM | Reply
This isn't bad...lyric wise. I mean, i can kinda 'hear' it as a song. As a poem I'd consider it more lacking. Anyway, my only major suggestion to you is to revise your chorus because the line with the phrase "an idea stupid" is quite awkward and way too forced a rhyme.
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