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Focus Your Attention, Friend (Free verse) by AnotherNothing
Focus your attention, friend On the contract I form here For you will sign your life away As it slides beneath your tears I can offer you a house you want But I lack one for the heart You can have the means to live Just no opportunity to start You may have a wife and child But whom you'll never get to see Supporting and abandoning them With a petty job of misery Don't contemplate alternatives For I'm confident you will find Idealistic fallacies In those inside your mind Please don't ask my name or reason For I find them quite a shame Although they call me life, I'm only What they choose to frame.

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Weighted score: 5.8452444
Overall Rank: 1570
Posted: January 21, 2004 5:32 PM PST; Last modified: January 21, 2004 5:32 PM PST
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[7] deleted user @ | 21-Jan-04/5:47 PM | Reply
i like the rhyme, but i noticed all your poems titles are the first lines of the poem. Maybe you should work on the titles, they could add some more spice to the rest of the work
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