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Down on Dogs (Free verse) by Bobjim
I'm really down on dogs this week, I've had it with the Dane. I'm sick of all their guileless cheek, The way the brutes complain. It's "give me Pal for which I crave," And "walk me out", I'm like some slave, And then they jog me when I shave, I'm really down on dogs. I'm really down on fags this week, They make me choke and cough. On Thursday I could hardly speak And bits of lung dropped off. It's "stick him in the oxy-tent," And "cut his throat to make a vent," And when you ask, it's "no comment". I'm really down on fags. I'm really down on beer this week, The bugger blows me out. It's threepence up and twice as weak And bits that float about. This Fullers stuff has done the deed, My guts have really gone to seed, Can nothing stop this pressing need? (Rushes to bog) I'm really down on beer. I'm really down on luck this week, But was I ever up? If prizes were for mild and meek, I'd win each silver cup. My clothes hang ragged on my bones, I'm through with love and telephones, I'm only fit for Davey Jones, I'm really down on luck. I'm really down on toilet rolls, but that's another story...

Up the ladder: Acoustic
Down the ladder: peppermint

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Arithmetic Mean: 6.6153846
Weighted score: 6.1809406
Overall Rank: 1001
Posted: October 4, 2003 11:49 AM PDT; Last modified: October 4, 2003 11:49 AM PDT
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[9] Shardik @ | 30-Nov-03/5:53 PM | Reply
Bob weave bob weave bob weave bob.
[n/a] Bobjim @ | 1-Dec-03/3:16 AM | Reply
I'm really down on my knee's this week, just for you Bob.
[10] deleted user @ | 7-Apr-05/2:34 AM | Reply
This is a great poem, however it is not your poem. It was written by Robert Rankin, and from memory it appears in his book "A Dog Called Demolition."

Its an excellent book, and I notice that Bobjim has nicked a whole host of poems from there.

[n/a] Bobjim @ > deleted user | 7-Apr-05/4:10 AM | Reply
s the comments show, you are the first person to notice. Congratulations.

However, in my award acceptance speech, you will notice that I freely admit to having no talent and plagiarising frequently. You pointing me out as a fraud was therefore unnecessary.
[5] edgar-allen-poe-rox @ | 14-Feb-06/10:34 AM | Reply
i vote ten for being humorous and ten for poetic talent.
[10] raven_the_poet @ | 14-Feb-06/10:34 AM | Reply
Wow. hahaha you are a wonderful poet
[n/a] Bobjim @ > raven_the_poet | 15-Feb-06/6:43 AM | Reply
You peraps haven't noticed the comment a few inches up that makes mention of my plagiarising.
[n/a] Ranger @ | 15-Feb-06/6:36 AM | Reply
BJ, you're desperate to get that Orange Award back, aren't you?
[n/a] Bobjim @ > Ranger | 15-Feb-06/6:42 AM | Reply
You perhaps haven't noticed, but this is a really old poem. I'm not trying to do anything with it.
[n/a] deleted user @ | 20-Mar-08/4:02 AM | Reply
This poem was written by Robert Rankin. You've just copied it you fraud

And admitting you've copied it makes you seem a little odd
[0] deleted user @ | 20-Mar-08/5:46 AM | Reply
You have stolen this poem from Robert Rankin and attempted to pass it off as your own work.

[n/a] deleted user @ > deleted user | 24-Mar-08/8:51 AM | Reply
I loved this poem.
I loved it the first time I read it in Robert Rankins work.

Why be a plagiarist, if you liked the poem why not just tell people about Robert's work. Why pass it off as your own when you so freely admit to stealing work?

[n/a] Bobjim @ > deleted user | 24-Mar-08/9:02 AM | Reply
bobjim_is_a_thief and Joo, are you both idiots? Have you not noticed my admission several comments above? Have you not noticed the dozens of other poems I've stolen?

Seriously, if you feel the need to accuse me, make sure I haven't already confessed.

[n/a] deleted user @ > Bobjim | 25-Mar-08/8:10 PM | Reply
The only "idiot" around here is the person who tried to pass these off as his own. Now you have been caught out, and you think it's ok as long as you admit to it. I don't know what law you live by. I think you might be surprised that admitting to theft isn't enough. You also have to face the consequences.

You'd be very sensible to edit your account and remove any work that isn't your own. Even if that means the content is empty.
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