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Two years after... (Free verse) by LuckyJoe
Two years ago today… Life changed as we knew it, Becoming now what we know it. Looking to the sky I still see the second hit, To this day the shivers remain, Driving goose bumps to surface. In mind playing over and over… The reincarnation of hell, An explosion that changed the world, Land driven debris raining death, The scared and helpless screaming, Innocent dying, watchers crying. The flailing arms of falling bodies, Jumping to their death saving pain, Following them down…the whole tower came. Have you taken a breath since that day? Are you living again, have you found a way? Live to fight for us, Those who remain… Each day thinking of loved ones lost, And devastation that day cost. To the sky look with tears, Still a nation consumed with fear, Asked your cherished one to sooth, Your brother, mother or love, A new angle created, Looking over those of us holding them dear. ******************** *****Dedication***** ******************** Alex you're my angel baby girl! I'll never forget you. Its hard knowing that we never got to walk the isle, and the ring you wore never became more. I hold you in my heart as I always will. When I look above and talk to you worry not of the tears in my eyes. They're not only of pain but of the love I have and will always have for you. When its time I'll be coming. Keep the door open and again we'll both fill the bed. Lay long mornings, do nothing. Just lay there holding one another softly talking and caressing.

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Posted: September 11, 2003 6:48 AM PDT; Last modified: September 11, 2003 5:36 PM PDT
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[10] Druid_Girl_1984 @ | 17-Sep-03/12:00 PM | Reply
aww how sweet. it brought tears to my eyes. *sniff sniff* 10
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