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Picasso: A Painters Revenge (Free verse) by SupremeDreamer
Oh good ole Picasso, how could you go so low? To beat a woman one night lasts only a while concerning the damage, depending on how much absinthe you drank. That was just the beginning. But then you clasped that brush and painted their faces; the once soft beautiful symmetry molded into disarray with your own hands. Those rough hands captured their pain and disfigurement for eternity, creating paintings that are adored and praised, and will be for the rest of history. A poets words can be buried among pages, but bright colors can never be tuned out of the mind of the world, never.

Down the ladder: Making Bread

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Arithmetic Mean: 5.3333335
Weighted score: 5.1666665
Overall Rank: 5070
Posted: August 28, 2003 4:11 AM PDT; Last modified: August 28, 2003 4:11 AM PDT
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[0] King Abdullah II @ | 28-Aug-03/10:03 AM | Reply
[n/a] Don-Quixote @ > King Abdullah II | 28-Aug-03/10:26 AM | Reply
Um, no it isnt. :)
[3] Crakyamuni @ | 28-Aug-03/11:57 AM | Reply
This reads like an 8th grade childs diary.
[n/a] Don-Quixote @ > Crakyamuni | 28-Aug-03/2:01 PM | Reply
your creativity.. is really startling.. 4 comments mentioning 8th grade.. very little difference in any of it.. your a poet? im not convinced.

look.. "Hand".. would you mind jerking me off a lil? im a bit hard, and i dont think a retard like you would mind.. so, want to do a chap a favor? eh?
[8] richa @ | 28-Aug-03/1:53 PM | Reply
not sure you deserve the low marks but this kind of thing really gets up peoples noses.

has the same nice form of your other poems but....

'bright colours can never be tuned out of the mind'

where have i heard that.... halmark/johnk/a daniel bedingfield song?

[n/a] Don-Quixote @ > richa | 28-Aug-03/1:59 PM | Reply
;/ ill make a note to edit that... (*scratches head* i didnt hear that anywhere.. fuck.. #$)(#*$)(#*$.. dont whine.. just fix it lee.. arg.)

whether i deserve the low marks, -shrug- i couldnt give a shit. settle, dark angel, and the holy choir can sing about my "shitty" writing for the rest of eternity and choke for all i care.

thanks for your comment and crit, always been usefull and constructive.
[9] horus8 @ | 28-Aug-03/2:01 PM | Reply
No color often is the brightest.
[n/a] Don-Quixote @ > horus8 | 28-Aug-03/2:04 PM | Reply
yeah.. white is a good color.. snow.. cum.. blizzard blindness.. heh.. hey, hate to repeat questions, but what did crystal do that pissed you off? man i feel like a nosy bitch..
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