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TPBOD Joins a pack of wolves (Other) by Luzr
Cast List TPBOD = The Pink Bunny Of Doom SWWLB = Smallest Wolf With Loudest Bark Alpha Female Leader Other Wolf Wolves with out lines Narrator Narrator: one day whilst sitting in the 100 acre woods, Minding his own business (Meaning he'd been eating shrooms not long before hand), Along came a pack of wolves. They were getting ready to devour our fluffy little friend when suddenly he cried out. TPBOD: Whose there? Come on out, I hear you, don't worry I won't run, come here Narrator: After some hushed murmurs from the bushes a pack of wolves came out Leader: Any last words before I eat you TPBOD: Eat me? Why you can't be serious, that'd be cannibalism! Wolves in unison: HUH!?!?! Leader: How so? TPBOD: I'm a wolf +Wolves Laugh+ Alpha Female: If you can prove to us that you are a wolf then we'll let you join the pack, cause you look like a bunny to me TPBOD: Are you Mad Woman!?! Just look at me. ME. a bunny. And they say I eat alot of shrooms, you guys must be on something!! Narrator: The wolves look confused and the leader looks like he is about to make a comment when our hero continues TPBOD: Look at me. I've got sharp claws, just like you. I've got fur, just like you. Sharp teeth, Big ears, A tail, all just like you. SWWLB: But look at how small you are? TPBOD: Which only goes further to proving my point Leader: How so? TPBOD: Look at me and look at your cubs, they aren't much bigger than me. I'm a midget. Alpha Female: But your fur is pink and you can jump high for a little guy. TPBOD: Surely you can figure some of this out on your own? For a midget I've got some long hind legs. I'm not very big and I'm an albino SWWLB: Your one sickly little runt of a pup if you are a wolf! I An Albino Midget with Big Ears and Long Hind legs. I find it hard to Believe that, YOU, could possibly have survived this long without your pack and that still doesn't explain why you are pink Narrator: Wolves start to advance when our quick witted little hero, fires up his incredible tongue once again TPBOD: Jesu, You are a stupid wolf. No wonder you talk so loud. My pack didn't think I'd survive after they realized that besides being albino, having long ears, and abnormally long hind legs, I was also a midget either. Thats why they kicked me out. As for the pink fur I'd have thought that that'd be obvious even to the dumbest of wolves. What is gonna be afraid of a wolf my size? So they let me get pretty close. Then I jump up and bite their jugular and blood gets all in my fur. When you mix red with white, you get pink, and seeing as to how its blood it doesn't wash out. Narrator: The wolves debate this among themselves and they reach a conclusion Leader: I won't believe a story like that until I see it so, kill something TPBOD: Okay, lets wait for something to come by Narrator: Not long there after along comes a Poo Bear. Our hero strides right next to it, jumps up and 5 minutes later the wolves are dining on a freshly slain bear whilst our hero lies panting on the ground. Alpha Female: That was impressive, your in. Other Wolf: That was amazing I thought he was gonna eat you for sure Leader: I don't believe it TPBOD: *pant* Yeah *pant* its not *pant* everyday, you see a lying shit kill a Poo Bear.

Down the ladder: Burning your desert down

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Posted: July 10, 2003 9:31 AM PDT; Last modified: July 10, 2003 9:31 AM PDT
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[0] King Abdullah I @ | 10-Jul-03/9:52 AM | Reply
Ha ha! So you're the Poet Formerly Known as Simple Dimple! You fucking faggot! I never guessed that thepinkfuckingbunnyofdoom possessed an inane devotion to meaningless quotation of truisms.
[n/a] King Abdullah II @ > King Abdullah I | 10-Jul-03/9:54 AM | Reply
PS Have you guessed who I am yet, Jason?
[n/a] Luzr @ > King Abdullah II | 10-Jul-03/10:05 AM | Reply
Yep. I knew since about the first time you posted a few poems, But I think, I'll wait til the others figure it out, My Lord. You had no clue it was me as SimpleDimple? Good that proves something I've wondered for a while. Whether or not I could write differently, if I used another name or if it'd be discovered that I was SimpleDimple and thepinkbunnyofdoom.
[n/a] <{Baba^Yaga}> @ > Luzr | 10-Jul-03/8:12 PM | Reply
[n/a] King Abdullah II @ > King Abdullah I | 10-Jul-03/10:03 AM | Reply
For the avoidance of doubt, my reference to the meaningless quotation of truisms refers not to this work but to the previous work by TPBOD entitled "Maybe you missed the memo"
[n/a] Luzr @ > King Abdullah I | 10-Jul-03/10:06 AM | Reply
So tell me what you really think of my little skit.
[n/a] King Abdullah II @ > Luzr | 10-Jul-03/10:16 AM | Reply
I don't understand the punchline: "Yeah *pant* its not *pant* everyday you see a lying shit kill a Poo Bear."

Why is that funny? Is it meant to be a play on words?
[n/a] King Abdullah II @ > King Abdullah II | 10-Jul-03/10:16 AM | Reply
PS I think you are a child
[n/a] Luzr @ > King Abdullah II | 10-Jul-03/11:39 AM | Reply
well duh. You should know that better than anyone.
[8] richa @ | 10-Jul-03/9:55 AM | Reply
oh I thought this was quite good
[10] thepinkbunnyofdoom @ > richa | 10-Jul-03/12:24 PM | Reply
[10] horus8 @ | 10-Jul-03/10:18 AM | Reply
An instant classic.
[10] thepinkbunnyofdoom @ > horus8 | 10-Jul-03/12:26 PM | Reply
Its not Movie material, but I like it.
[10] SupremeDreamer @ | 11-Jul-03/6:04 PM | Reply
Muahahaha. Funny little story, i liked it alot. ;P 10.
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