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Hi, my name is "Look at me, Stop it!" I'm Bi-polar (Free verse) by horus8
Alchohol & cocaine Still I'm moody Perhaps I should rent a video & pop a qualudie. No one understands me I don't know who I am anymore I'm so depressed & some times overly elated I'll implore, In the middle of sex I might ask you "Who you are?", Then bite your fucking nose off and tell you that I love you. Should I get up today? Should I play a new song? Like a window display I'm made of wood, and in a thong Christ I'm so confused In denial from the abuse So cryptic & obtuse BIG like the Spruce goose As Bi polar as Howard Hughes, left handing a crack pipe, and dancing in the rain. Dressed to the nines. I've decorated more seconds than you've ignored, to hippy. Go tell a legless child in Afghanistan how you suffer flower child being chemically unbalanced & when they nod off bored off their fucking scabbed stubs. Check their pulse, not mine. I am Bi-polar, so quit fucking staring at me. Try to understand my plee, I am a special case. A good person, a muse, a broken fucking Buddy Holly record.

Down the ladder: Form Without Substance

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Posted: July 5, 2003 1:14 PM PDT; Last modified: July 5, 2003 1:32 PM PDT
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[7] richa @ | 5-Jul-03/1:51 PM | Reply
bipolar disorder tends to work in cycles. If someone changes moods so quickly as that I suggest it is the cocaine not the bipolar.

Nice though. Westerners are so precious with their illnesses
[n/a] horus8 @ > richa | 5-Jul-03/1:53 PM | Reply
I'm not, my friend is.
[n/a] OneFingerAnswer @ > richa | 5-Jul-03/4:16 PM | Reply
Could be cyclothymic disorder. Shorter, less severe episodes like those of bi-polar disorder.
[n/a] deleted user @ > OneFingerAnswer | 8-Jul-03/11:33 PM | Reply
Nope, manic depressive disorder, OneFinger.
Any other questions so that you can make fun of me. Did you ever think you could push someone over the brink? Or care?

Didn't think so.
[n/a] OneFingerAnswer @ > deleted user | 8-Jul-03/11:44 PM | Reply
Dear Museheart,

Look fucker. I wasn't pushing you at all. I was just saying that there's a less major form of bi-polar disorder that does have mood swings as rapid as what the poem describes. Manic-depressive disorder doesn't even exist any more. The title is bi-polar disorder.

Do I care about someone I push over the brink? Of fucking course I do. Look at my poems and you'll see how much I care about hurting others.

Do I care about someone I wasn't talking to and have never even heard of takes offence to me giving out information about a mental disorder? Of fucking course I don't. If I had nothing to do with it then I'm not going to waste time feeling guilty about it.

Get the fuck off me with your MDD shit. I myself have B-PD and I'm not up to listening to you bitch when I wasn't even talking to or about you. I was replying to a response to a poem. Neither of which mention you. Take your baggage else where cause I'm not having it.

Sincerly, fuck you,
[n/a] horus8 @ > OneFingerAnswer | 9-Jul-03/2:27 AM | Reply
I know this broad is too much, every poet alive is bipolar, I'm bipolar with major drug addiction, coupled by male prostitution, no fucking money, shitty friends and family, a compulsive cleaning disorder, insomnia, alchoholism, and bisexuallity with acute sexual identity problems, not to mention paranoia, and an Oedipus complex the size of Madrid, and she's whining. I thought poets functioned better against these kinds of odds?
[n/a] horus8 @ > deleted user | 9-Jul-03/2:21 AM | Reply
What happens then? Do you start writing poetry that isn't shit? In that case here's another nudge, cut your face next time to remind you and your type that life is worth more then a trip down the aisle, or to the pharmacy, or to an abortion clinic, or too a dear Aunts funeral. Poetry, is more then your speck of dust is shinier than mine, you hack.
[n/a] horus8 @ > deleted user | 16-Jul-03/1:40 PM | Reply
Better think so... Here's another question, do you come your face or your hair?
[n/a] horus8 @ > deleted user | 16-Jul-03/1:52 PM | Reply
If you open up the DSM4 blee blah blow, you'll find that being bi polar and being a manic deppressant are two entirely different things, so you should figure out just what the fuck you are, before you go around selling it door to door. It may aid your quest for empathy, or you could always do a Sylvia Plath and martyr yourself leaving more air for us, and another thing twat, there is no fucking brink to be pushed off of when we are all already falling together, and for every poem of mine you Zero, there are two that will ten it, where as, I tend to enjoy fives the best, making it all very well balanced. Have fun cutting your wrists, and do it with a little dignity, could you? Nobody likes a whiner Margaret, especially a desperate one.

So yes, think so.
[n/a] zzinnia66 @ > deleted user | 16-Jul-03/2:19 PM | Reply
the rest of us bipolars have no pity for you.

you might find some at, though.
[10] SupremeDreamer @ | 6-Jul-03/8:33 AM | Reply
Yep, I love this poem.. muse did some strange whine on my poetic soup comments section about not wanting to vote because of his/hers work being mutilated.. and when i saw this, i laughed my ass off in joy.. blessed with a 10, good fucking job!!!
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