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Dance Of Insanity (Free verse) by forsaken
I killed a little boy to dance in his blood I shot him in the chest with my father's gun The boy then fell in front of me, and I started to dance His blood was shooting out of his chest I didn't know it at first, but it was for the best His mother is a bitch so his father left She saw me rollimg in her son's blood All she did was turn around Not to tell anyone of what she found I killed that boy, and now that boy is free, free from this world, free from this hell, and now free from me It drove me into insanity, without any chance of letting me free, free from my insanity I meant to kill that boy, but I'm the one who truly died I then ripped him to pieces, and pulled him a part I didn't know what else to do, so I ate is heart Then I looked up at his face an realized that the boy, had no eyes He was blind to the world, blind to all the hate I then felt sorry for the boy, while I ate his face Looking back the past, I might have felt a pain from this But now all I feel is a void inside, it won't let me be My heart is gone and I know it won't come back to me I know now that the little boy was something deep inside of me I could no longer let it be trapped inside of me It was droving me into insnity, without any chance of letting me free, free from my insanity

Down the ladder: this meal was knowledge

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Posted: June 20, 2003 8:32 AM PDT; Last modified: July 18, 2003 10:06 AM PDT
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Matthew Bennett

[0] Sasha @ | 29-Sep-04/4:49 PM | Reply
you mistyped "apart" unless you mean you ripped him to pieces, and then pulled him a part of the body you had just ripped as a going away present.
[n/a] forsaken @ > Sasha | 1-Oct-04/6:34 AM | Reply
Well it is about getting a part of you out of your body.
[9] eliznhaz @ | 3-May-05/2:29 PM | Reply
you need to put more peoms back on
[6] ARTIE @ | 31-Mar-11/8:01 PM | Reply
Have you grown up dreaming of a disenfranchised Jeffrey Dahmer? He's dead.
Come back.... come back to the World in which the rest of us live. Sanity is knot a b-b-bad thing.
[n/a] forsaken @ > ARTIE | 6-May-12/2:15 PM | Reply
Who're a moron this poem is about growing up, about killing the boy inside you
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