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LeBlanc is a recipient of the poemWanker award:
This poem has been flagged as plagiarised.

Arithmetic Mean: N/A
Weighted score: 5.0
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Posted: March 8, 2003 9:09 PM PST; Last modified: March 21, 2003 12:02 PM PST
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[n/a] <{Baba^Yaga}> @ | 9-Mar-03/10:31 AM | Reply
Who does that? Your legions of fans? Sounds more like you reassuring yourself that your penis still has a chance of touching a vagina (a live one). SHHHHHH.
It's okay... You should dumb it down a little more then this. Chicks dig simpletons with unobtainable goals likegetting laid outside of the shower and one's own gene pool. (cousins, young aunts, lonely mother's on nebutal). I know why i hate jews... Why do the French again? Oh yeah, they own France too.
[n/a] wLeBlancw @ > <{Baba^Yaga}> | 9-Mar-03/11:55 AM | Reply
What? I don't understand your comment.
[3] lastobelus @ > wLeBlancw | 9-Mar-03/5:43 PM | Reply
The reason we feel driven to posture is an instinctive drive to impress females.

If you're going to beat your chest, do it somewhere and in such a way that it actually has a chance of catching the eye of a hapless female.

I believe is what he was saying.
[n/a] Shardik @ > lastobelus | 9-Mar-03/6:16 PM | Reply
Actually, I wrote this thinking he sounded like Settle, looks like Settle, smells like Settle, but alas, apparently isn't. Which almost makes the entire day even more worthwhile somehow. (See, Settle and me got a thing, we are battling one another at the expense of the innocent, lovely huh?)
[n/a] Shardik @ | 9-Mar-03/6:12 PM | Reply

Horoscope (by
A selfish attitude on your part will not be tolerated today, regardless of the circumstances, dear Leo.
Don't make it worse for yourself by pretending that you don't notice the hurt feelings of those around
you. People are likely to be extra sensitive today, so be careful of trying to impose your will on
someone who really just wants nothing more than an ear to talk to and a shoulder to cry on.

Whoops, so much for
[n/a] wLeBlancw @ > Shardik | 9-Mar-03/6:27 PM | Reply
Shardik, is a terrible site, please invest in a web designer. You're a 7.5 on a scale from 1-10. And no, you lose because you see I am a top male model and I am an 8 on a scale from 1-10 so booohooo. What's next cool guy? You are going to tell me that your wife is Pam Anderson? Please. I win on that one too. My girlfriend looks exactly like Sophia Loren. I have also written over 300 poems so I am a better poet than you. I scanned your work today, Shardik and wasn't impressed. You lose again. You feel love all around you and yet you are extremely angry. Why? Is it an empty feeling inside that makes you stay up all night? You're very rude, angry, unkind and frankly quite annoying.
[n/a] Jeremi B. Handrinos @ > wLeBlancw | 9-Mar-03/7:29 PM | Reply
Yes, I know. 7.5? That aint bad. And i'm gay with 301.8 poems (the .8 of the poem i am still writing on my girlfriend's evil left breast, she looks like a pair of vans tennis shoes worn by sophia loren going out my garage window with an aborted fetus duct taped to your poetry collection fashioned into an ass-hat on her ass) Brandon, why didn't you tell me you were an eight? and a top of the pile model? i never modeled, not cute enough being only a 7.5, but hung like a fire ant, I'm an composer, actor, poet type, my work requires skill(tuning the instruments signing autographs, ordering room service etc. you know how it is, hows milan?) We could of avoided all of this american idoltry and propaganda if you would of confessed these new highly tangible facts earlier, perhaps i could bring your girlfriend's shoes over (in the shape of my girlfriend naturally), and we could all fuck eachother stupid on the cat walk? Whatta say, stupid, or what!?lolaymf.yy.
[6] horus8 @ > wLeBlancw | 9-Mar-03/7:46 PM | Reply
You should publish your work at
they have an excellent roster, and
I hear Sophia Loren has a web site called

Both extremely exclusive.

On FRiday I'm having a BBQ for male models at my home (in the garden of course) WE are going to start a botanical workshop and a knitting class, would you like to come? RSVP only. I heard my buddy John Francis is coming. I could let you sit on his lap if you'd like. No girls are invited though, so leave sophie at home. Thanks.

Seriously though you can pee farther it's cool. I simply said that i was not fat, and that your fetus poem sucked. this poem above aint half bad though, a little overkill, but what the hell. here's a 6. good luck on your next threehundred chip.
[n/a] wLeBlancw @ > horus8 | 9-Mar-03/7:55 PM | Reply
How many fucking user names do you have? I am confused. Thank you, but no thanks. I would not be in your company even if you paid me. You are an obnoxious prick without manners. How the fuck do you just start attcking someone who just joins a forum to post his poems and to get feedback. What the fuck is wrong with you? Are you crazy? Seriously? Thanks for the 6. None of the poems under Shardik are even worthy of anything above a 4. Go finger bang your hot wife now. What a weirdo!
[6] horus8 @ > wLeBlancw | 9-Mar-03/8:11 PM | Reply
I am everyone that you're not, and yes I'm quite mad. Cheers!
[n/a] -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. @ > horus8 | 21-Mar-03/12:22 PM | Reply
hook line and sinker lol
[6] horus8 @ | 9-Mar-03/8:19 PM | Reply
This poem is clearly about seperatism, and how to fight against the evil with in one's sole

"toilets overflow"
"Jackson Pollock"
"roll a blunt"
"Josef Stalin"
"shepherd's lithium"
"How dare you claim me mad!"

All quotes proving my point.

Thank you folks, i'm here all night too.
[6] horus8 @ | 9-Mar-03/8:23 PM | Reply
"unicorns in the forest" but this is clearly a sign of a child hood molesting repressed into faiery tale symbolism. (i forget this one on my earlier list) i do like this poem though... it tastes like granola but has the texture of caviar? interesting.
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