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The cross roads (Villanelle) by Jeremi B. Handrinos
In a blackening haze of yellow Tornado static, dead heat and air I met the strangest fellow He wore a white cap and played a red cello "Would you care for a game of wit, or dare?" In a blackening haze of yellow With a raucous laugh far from mellow, and a handshake that bade me, beware... I met the strangest fellow Eyes full of lightning, and voice pure bellow At his side, a pregnant dark ruby red mare In a blackening haze of yellow "I don't play games" I said with legs of jello Always the last one to leave the Fair I met the strangest fellow So I said "goodbye" before I said "hello" Not caring for Old~Scratch, nor his flair In a blackening haze of yellow I met the strangest fellow.

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Posted: February 5, 2003 8:15 PM PST; Last modified: February 5, 2003 8:15 PM PST
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[8] brazen @ | 6-Feb-03/6:42 AM | Reply
i always meet the strangest people at the fair. families with no forking...creepy hairy things too.
[8] <~> @ | 6-Feb-03/9:14 AM | Reply
did you at least pick up that snake oil i asked you to bring home? why, what was he asking for it?
[7] OneFingerAnswer @ | 31-Mar-03/1:34 PM | Reply
Nice. I like it. This style is fun to play with. 7.
[6] suckmychucks @ | 10-Apr-03/1:38 PM | Reply
don't rape the rhyme scheme with random drivel. it hurts my feelings.
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