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Starving at Tiffany's (Villanelle) by horus8
I will cross my heart, and hope to die While stuck in my past obsessing But i will not be your "Catcher in the Rye" You trained me to learn, and then to lie As i watched our love undressing I will cross my heart, and hope to die You made me swear that I would not cry I can look that unkept while suppressing? But i will not be your catcher in the rye When i broke down you still asked, "why?" Though i was torching photos, digressing I will cross my heart, and hope to die With tickets in hand you said, "lets fly!" You make me feel that i'm worth caressing? But i will not be your catcher in the rye Love was a trinket that they taught you to buy When you claimed all needs depressing I will cross my heart, and hope to die But i will not be your catcher in the rye.

Down the ladder: one moment to the other

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Overall Rank: 292
Posted: January 24, 2003 2:13 AM PST; Last modified: February 11, 2003 12:52 PM PST
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[9] <~> @ | 24-Jan-03/7:13 AM | Reply
this is nicer than a little blue box tied up with a crisp white ribbon.
[n/a] Nicholas Jones @ | 24-Jan-03/7:51 AM | Reply
And I said what about Brekfast at Tiffanies?
And you said I think I remember the film
And then you said well we both kinds of liked it
And I said well that's one thing we got
[9] <~> @ > Nicholas Jones | 24-Jan-03/8:02 AM | Reply
rock on, nick. rock on.
[n/a] TanHand @ > <~> | 11-Feb-03/3:48 PM | Reply
That song sucks shit end of story.
[9] brazen @ > Nicholas Jones | 12-Feb-03/4:27 AM | Reply
damn you...even just reading those 4 lines managed to get the song stuck in my head for longer then i would have liked...goddamn it.
[n/a] Nicholas Jones @ | 24-Jan-03/8:04 AM | Reply
I apologise for breaking into such a bad song earlier. And all the typos while I did so.
[9] <~> @ | 24-Jan-03/12:16 PM | Reply
work with me on the damn punctuation, h! you are getting tighter, so i will be harsher, since i'm good at the picky shit. so, CRACK!! tighten, boy! CRACK!!!

and, you don't need the quotation marks on every occurance of the title. my sugg. is to make it a title once, and leave it as a description of a person the rest of the time.
[n/a] Bill Z Bub @ | 24-Jan-03/3:14 PM | Reply
Here's a tongue-twister for ya:

Sven said "Ted,
send ten tents".
Ted said "Sven,
send ten cents".
When Sven sent
Ted ten cents,
Ted sent Sven
ten cent tents.

Try to say that one even once, I dares ya.
[n/a] Ranger @ > Bill Z Bub | 25-Jan-03/8:51 AM | Reply
[n/a] Frass @ > Bill Z Bub | 11-Feb-03/1:04 PM | Reply
Say 'Unique New York', BZB.
[n/a] Bill Z Bub @ > Frass | 11-Feb-03/2:05 PM | Reply
Unique Yew Nork. Dammit!
[n/a] TanHand @ > Bill Z Bub | 11-Feb-03/3:49 PM | Reply
Do you know how to type or do you get your special ed teacher to do that for you?
[6] w~* ATHENA *~w @ | 25-Jan-03/10:23 PM | Reply
nothing to do with john lennon whatsoever, lets just hope you don't have a loaded gun. >:)

btw, i am fine, living hard and fast in santa monica.

[9] INTRANSIT @ | 11-Feb-03/5:56 PM | Reply
Why by the age of 35, I've not reaad that book is beyond me!
A most excellennt poem, however.
I seeem to have deeevelopeed a stutter. To go wiht my funnny walk, of coursee..
[9] brazen @ | 12-Feb-03/4:28 AM | Reply
unfortunately due to salary cap restrictions, the cather was traded to the corn. i'd like to say thank you to all those fans out that stuck with me and wish me luck with me new team...
[8] Mr Pig @ | 12-Feb-03/8:31 AM | Reply
At last we meet sir I have read your work and like your sensitive pieces best, sarcasm is inferior to you only entertain it when the devil on your shoulder sits on its chip and teases the Angel for being so tedious.
By the way this is a keeper my young fry.....8
[6] bwaha @ | 10-Dec-06/3:32 PM | Reply
the randomness with which you decided to make your "I"'s upper or lower case is disconcerting at best, and more irritating than anything else.
[1] Dr Toilet @ | 15-Jan-07/4:09 PM | Reply
How about capitals for "I" ? 1/10 and be grateful.
[3] Edna Sweetlove @ 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 | 15-Feb-21/9:52 AM | Reply
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