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Award acceptance speach (Free verse) by Bobjim
Well, I finally got my Orange poem wanker award (about bloody time), I'd just like to say thanks to those who deserve it. To D.A., for being a pompus git and convincing me to hate you (and offend you) more every day. To PAKI, for mistaking the things that come out of your mouth for poetry. (but thanks for ruining the newbs with nasty comments, or I'd have too much compatition) To Settle, for, well being settle. (thank god you left). To Cleverdivice for his wondurful ideas for 'evening pursuits' . (I've never had so much fun with a duck before) To Ranger, for writing constructive critism, such as, 'fuck off and die'. And to eeach one of you who was offended, for making me want to continue. And to nentwined, for the great site. (DO NOT look at 'disgusting stickman'). Thank you all, and fuck off and leave me to wank in peace. (ps. thanks to blade and poemwanker for being my 'monkeys of love' during this difficult period)

Up the ladder: Her Name was Lisa
Down the ladder: I'll Break You Down

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Posted: December 30, 2002 9:42 AM PST; Last modified: January 20, 2003 2:17 PM PST
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[n/a] Bobjim the II @ | 20-Jan-03/2:22 PM | Reply
By the way, first person to name all my accounts (on one of my poems) will get to find out the identities of poetWanker! (and who helps me on Bobjim)
[n/a] Bobjim the II @ | 20-Jan-03/2:22 PM | Reply
PoetWanker! Marry me!
[n/a] poemwanker @ > Bobjim the II | 21-Jan-03/1:52 AM | Reply
Of course! But only if you get my name right...
[8] horus8 @ | 20-Jan-03/3:56 PM | Reply
Would you be willing to let us in on how you assume anyone could possibly afford to fucking give a shit?
[8] horus8 @ | 20-Jan-03/3:58 PM | Reply
Great speech though...v
[0] wOrnella Mutiw @ | 20-Jan-03/6:10 PM | Reply
I gather you're Prince Charles's pedophilic butler. There are worst things like being Mr. Townsend. Although at times I think you might be him as well. You've done it again's some lotion and a're a smart boy now go and figure out what to do with each.
[10] lunar @ | 9-Apr-03/8:06 AM | Reply
Ha! rather good
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