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sewer rat (Free verse) by irishfolksuicide
Among the outcasts in the cellar Tarnished silver, ripped umbrella Broken teapot, tattered books Sentiment everywhere I look As a refugee from the sewer My sentiments are far fewer The pungent odour in my hair Washed out by rain in open air The dark sludge trails on my feet Walked off on grass and pebbled street In fact the only thing that's left Tuberculosis on my chest Everything else I've left behind Searching for a better life When human tenants come to dump More and more nostalgic junk I offer handshake with paw licked clean But I'm met with a rather frightened scream Is it my rodent face with beady eyes Not unlike the screaming wife Maybe its the place I make my home In dusty cellar left well alone And maybe the way I kill my prey And how often I do it three times a day Thats it I bet so next time I see These timid humans come near me I'll ask for a plate of dead roast beef And perhaps a matress for me to sleep Surely then they must oblige My modest wishes to live my life

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Arithmetic Mean: 5.8421054
Weighted score: 5.802168
Overall Rank: 1669
Posted: June 29, 2002 10:39 AM PDT; Last modified: June 29, 2002 10:39 AM PDT
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[8] dilips_10 @ | 30-Jun-02/3:17 AM | Reply
nice reading the mind of the rat!
[10] tadpole @ | 25-Sep-03/9:42 PM | Reply
never thought I could like a poem about a rat so much!
[10] razorgrin @ | 26-Sep-03/7:04 AM | Reply
Cutest ever. I like the rats.
[n/a] FreeFormFixation @ | 9-Oct-03/9:43 PM | Reply
modest rat? modest mouse? ehh? Ehh? (it's my favorite band). This makes me think of the sanitation worker strike in chicago (lots of rats).
[2] ho_hum @ | 10-Oct-03/8:35 AM | Reply
Abuse of the humble apostrophe (or in this case, underuse) reaches new heights.
[10] 7!3 @ | 20-Nov-04/12:21 AM | Reply
like the richness of ur poems..
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