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Tupperware-Caskets (Free verse) by <{Baba^Yaga}>
My lids are sealing up to standards. Keeping all that I love, so damn fresh. Have caged those ignorant pets into well-formed chicken mesh. Every evening enjoy eating something-else's flesh. Re-heated. My wife, and her containers. Those lids work for no-brainers. My lip-hair will still grow after my death I need that ceremony's cleansing I need it so very bad That, and four heaping spoonfulls of bran with a quartered pear. Left-overs become normal feastings. I know where the beasties sleep I even have seen who they love the most during my trips coming, and going, from coast to coast. One more, just one more, Hawaiian pig roast. But, no more mountain-views For a few, anyways. Just some long flat picnics In Michigan, I'm still fresh in my sealed ways. Undressed by the best Feeling plain. Novacaine.

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Posted: November 4, 2002 5:24 PM PST; Last modified: March 27, 2003 4:55 PM PST
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[n/a] god'swife @ | 4-Nov-02/5:36 PM | Reply
Your son just pissed & poo'd all over my living room floor. Joey is tending to him. In the bath with bubbles. Joey is a doll. Thanks for creating the opportunity for my son to practice being a gentle soul. He is at the moment singing blues clues and scrubbing the toddler free of stinky residue. It could save the world.
[n/a] daniella @ > god'swife | 4-Nov-02/6:38 PM | Reply
brilliant, both poem and god's wife's reply. would love to eat at your homes with my kids.
[n/a] Bachus @ > god'swife | 4-Nov-02/6:38 PM | Reply
why did he do that? haas he been holding it, or did joey just make him laugh until he crapped his pants? i have to go play at the crooked bar right now....i'll talk to you later though. thanks for keeping an eye on him while his moms at work..later.m
[10] razorgrin @ | 7-Nov-02/2:42 PM | Reply
Fantastic. I did a funky little tango to it. things can make me laugh or curse, but damn few poems make me dance.
[9] <~> @ | 27-Mar-03/7:22 PM | Reply
find something i can have with a long flat red, and we're talking, poncho.
[9] wEdible Underpantsw @ | 28-Mar-03/4:08 AM | Reply
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