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the girl what gave scott the look (Free verse) by UAFANTHORPEY
Zug mush zug mush the girl wit da bush iz givin u da look scotty dogg How do u reply wigga? U turn away and pass it off as fake She givin u a peanut butter sandwich man? And u reply wit mouldy bread. She want u to teach her the ways of da man She want u to teach her the ways of orgasm orgasmn ville USA man Mush, she givin u da look And u, pikey, turn away Man are you gay She loaded with caviar those breasts are double D Double delicious She turned me down mistook me dedication for stalking But she looking at u with those pretty little eyes quietly saying "OOh I want it, give it to me. Lift up my skirt and drop me innit. Come on, fill me up with your petrol so i can run for hours." Think of two numbers 6 AND 9 69 "er" Go on mush, return her look

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Posted: October 18, 2002 2:06 AM PDT; Last modified: October 18, 2002 2:06 AM PDT
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[n/a] rosiebailey @ | 18-Oct-02/2:12 AM | Reply
Why the wicky wicky wah wah is dat so good man it is da best since my poem "why i look like a man" if you were teh presedent i could let you kiss mah baby man you is da coolest since the crays mon, if you lived near me i would find dat girl and show her teh ways of teh man and punch that gay scotty dog as he is as gay as dat snoop dog
[n/a] Christof @ | 18-Oct-02/6:12 AM | Reply
Your mate Scott is an idiot.
[8] <~> @ | 18-Oct-02/6:55 AM | Reply
she's givin more than the look. i love this. except for the 69 reference. that's not handles as well as the rest of it. show me you know how to handle it, ua
[n/a] god'swife @ | 18-Oct-02/8:47 AM | Reply
Some of this is brilliant. Soemof this makes me squirm. I'll have to get use to it and come back to it later.
[n/a] worldsofwar @ | 21-Oct-02/2:33 AM | Reply
Adam it was your mum that was giving me the look!
[n/a] kliq @ | 21-Oct-02/2:37 AM | Reply
Scott Neville, I happen to know that UA was with your mother last night and every night before. This is a wicked poem you dirty boy. Face it you are so gay, with Rosie!
[8] deleted user @ | 4-Nov-02/5:46 AM | Reply
Dis poem is da bomb, wickywackwickwackwock, but dat Scottie Dog is one dumb geeza 4 turnin da dd ho down, i agree wit da rosiebailey, he is 1 fagget, but wespect 2 da poet
[4] Nicholas Monson @ | 4-Dec-02/3:42 AM | Reply
Dear Mr Ufanthorpey,

I contend that it is only in male dreams that women are quite so carnal and horny when gazing at a stranger. But I could be wrong.
[8] <~> @ > Nicholas Monson | 4-Dec-02/8:27 AM | Reply
dear n.m.,
here's a harmonizing voice to add to razor's chorus:
not only in dreams, but some of us walk the earth, and wear our ardent libidinous loins on our sleeves. some of the softer-bodied sex consider it unseemly to admit that atavistic hunger, and prefer to deny the drive; i do not suffer from these ills. z
[n/a] razorgrin @ | 4-Dec-02/6:39 AM | Reply
you are wrong, mr. monson. Or perhaps i was simply ezceptionally lecherous in my single days. My lechery was better expressed, though.
[0] poetandknowit @ > razorgrin | 4-Dec-02/8:37 AM | Reply
What, when you were 14?
[n/a] ==Doylum @ > poetandknowit | 4-Dec-02/4:01 PM | Reply
hang on then how does that work? Right so you take someones age and then, no no lost it. Looks clever to me though
[0] poetandknowit @ | 4-Dec-02/8:40 AM | Reply
I just love the hardcore English gangsta poems. It makes me want to explore further the mean streets of the criminal metropolis we call London.
[4] Nicholas Monson @ > poetandknowit | 4-Dec-02/11:17 AM | Reply
Fascinating that people in the US subscribe to the notion of an English gangsta culture. Ali G, what have you done for Britain's image? If there is a UK gangsta culture, it is synthetic - macho posturing derived entirely from Kingston, Jamaica, and American rap artists (and their followers). Yes, and the notion is promoted by cynical and greedy record labels. It is also funny to reflect on the image of "the mean streets of London" as if the UK capital was a sprawling Bronx. Parts of Lewisham and Southwark might fit that category but I still think London is better known for our palaces and our changing of the guard than our chewing of the ganga or however you like to ingest it. PK might be disappointed in his hunt for the criminal metropolis around Belgravia, Holland Park and Kensington. If he wants an adrenalin buzz he would be better off exploring Johannesburg or Soweto. By comparison the UK and US "gangstas" are just big girls' blouses.
[0] poetandknowit @ > Nicholas Monson | 4-Dec-02/11:25 AM | Reply
Pardon me for sounding so serious. However, my comment was truly meant in laughable jest. Complete and utter sarcasm in the kindest sense. I find UAFANTHORPEY and his peeps quite amusing.
[n/a] ==Doylum @ > Nicholas Monson | 5-Dec-02/3:46 AM | Reply
ah yes england that green and pleasant land, where old dears cycle through bucolic (always sounds like a disease of the lungs to me) splendor dispensing homemade preserves to the local community, where every door is on the latch and one is always welcome! And young timmy from number 43 is always willing to come round to toast crumpets twixt his warm and splendid cheeks for nothing more that 50d and a milky way.
[10] <{Baba^Yaga}> @ | 6-Dec-02/4:54 PM | Reply
that's hilarious! but, really? h
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