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the girl what gave scott the look (Free verse) by UAFANTHORPEY

Zug mush zug mush the girl wit da bush iz givin u da look scotty dogg How do u reply wigga? U turn away and pass it off as fake She givin u a peanut butter sandwich man? And u reply wit mouldy bread. She want u to teach her the ways of da man She want u to teach her the ways of orgasm orgasmn ville USA man Mush, she givin u da look And u, pikey, turn away Man are you gay She loaded with caviar those breasts are double D Double delicious She turned me down mistook me dedication for stalking But she looking at u with those pretty little eyes quietly saying "OOh I want it, give it to me. Lift up my skirt and drop me innit. Come on, fill me up with your petrol so i can run for hours." Think of two numbers 6 AND 9 69 "er" Go on mush, return her look

<~> 18-Oct-02/6:55 AM
she's givin more than the look. i love this. except for the 69 reference. that's not handles as well as the rest of it. show me you know how to handle it, ua

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