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Travails of one decade (Other) by Prince of Void
Travails of one decade It made me forget and forgive Whom and what I lost in this spotless mind And I left them to all my dreams for the moment of time When I stood alone And buried all fears of losing In where I’ve been grieving For what the sky is raining Yeah all my tears of yearning But I can’t stop anything As time is passing us And all your memories They'll be only things That last here in my burning heart Where there are no fear and no desire Just yearning to wake you up again To see you here by my side Maybe in the other side In the other life

Up the ladder: I Am From
Down the ladder: i spin you like a top

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Posted: December 2, 2007 11:46 PM PST; Last modified: December 2, 2007 11:46 PM PST
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[3] Dark Angle @ | 3-Dec-07/12:17 AM | Reply
Less telling and more showing. I don't really see what this poem is trying to say...
[n/a] Prince of Void @ > Dark Angle | 4-Dec-07/11:01 AM | Reply
you're right ...But I'm a director of cinema trying to show more and less telling a detailed story ..maybe it's not prefect well I'll do my best to make it best and thanx for commenting yours are better than mine ..but we both try to keep all values and concepts of our own way to explain the beauties ...I'm trying new things ...and well different ways of telling stories .. more new narrative structures will come soon
[6] Jessina @ | 24-Dec-07/12:38 AM | Reply
A nice poem with difference.
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