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Belong (Free verse) by creepshow
I calculate, watch and wait. I see through your hidden words, I have discovered the code between the lines of your behavior. Your infinitely cold grip on my soul is ceasing, Yet, with morbid and perverse curiosity I watch anyways, Still knowing where you go, what you do... From afar I remove myself from you, From within I tear apart the veins that connected you to me. Your dead stare is now severed from my memory, All that was, and will forever be. For now from under a knife, I own your life. I will make you aesthetic once again, My beautiful mannequin... I will once again make you belong, Belong to me.

Up the ladder: Climax
Down the ladder: Life is my agony

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Overall Rank: 10240
Posted: August 14, 2006 8:11 AM PDT; Last modified: August 14, 2006 8:11 AM PDT
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[8] Person @ | 16-Aug-06/8:04 PM | Reply
If I understood that right, in which I think I did, then now I know why your name is "creepshow" =) Anyways I thought it was put together well...8?
[n/a] creepshow @ > Person | 21-Aug-06/10:57 AM | Reply
Creepshow...yes, and thanks for the vote. My writings may be dark, but they are true emotional feelings of intensity...coming alive, and hopefully you can experience the feelings being
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