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Be The One (Free verse) by forsaken
I just went for a walk to clear my mind But clearity wasn't something that I could find I know that you already have a man But he just can't treat you like I can I hear your cry out for help with every look into your eyes And it's just not right for you stay with someone who laughs at you when you cry I say you love him cause there was no one there who cared for you Well I'm writing this to let you know that I do I'm not saying this trying to convince you to be my girl But I'm hoping it opens your eyes cause you can do so much better in this world If you did ever get the thought of giving me the chance Then know this I'd do all I can to make your heart dance To keep it floating in the air and show you everyday that I care I'd never let it touch the ground Or give you a reason not to want me around To show you what love really is like Then the tallest moutain I would hike If you were at it's peak Just for that one chance we could speak I'd do anything for that one moment of conversation So I could fully explain to you my affection For you the most beautiful soul I could ever see If there was just something I could do so you would look at me The same way I look at you Then that thing I surely would do Cause when I lay my head down to go to sleep You're always the last thing on my mind and first after the alarm beeps I ain't feeding you full of lies I've just been bewitched by your eyes As if your beauty as me under a spell Cause all the good what was in my past I'm willing to sell Just for the honor of starting it over one day with you So you could know my devotion for you is true And I mean it when I say All I want to do is make your pain go away I know of how you hurt deep within Well I want to remove it from underneath your skin So you don't have to know so much pain inside What could it hurt to spend one day by myside I'm not the type of guy To make a woman cry So I'm trying to undertand How you can stand by your man When all I want to do Is be the one for you Who lets you know how it feels When someone's love for you is real

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Posted: June 8, 2006 5:05 PM PDT; Last modified: June 8, 2006 5:05 PM PDT
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Sunshine Conkey, secretlyvulnerable

[7] amanda_dcosta @ | 18-Jun-06/11:20 PM | Reply
Looks like you're a loser at love that you're poems are written to beckon someone in particular. It doesn't seem that you've got her. (No offence meant).
[n/a] forsaken @ > amanda_dcosta | 14-Dec-06/1:19 PM | Reply
No offence taking, and yeah she isn't with me and most likly ever will be. Even though I know this I still long for her as I've done since the first time I saw her on Oct. 8, 05.
[10] Sunshine Conkey @ | 14-Nov-06/11:41 AM | Reply
I like this one~I'm adding it to my fave list
[10] secretlyvulnerable @ | 16-Oct-07/12:04 AM | Reply
I hope you share this with teh woman it's all about.. I dont see how she could not want to be with you...
[n/a] forsaken @ > secretlyvulnerable | 17-Oct-07/8:03 PM | Reply
Actually she has become my best friend and even though her felings still mean the world to me. I've learned that I'm more then happy just being friends.
[n/a] forsaken @ > forsaken | 17-Oct-07/8:29 PM | Reply
It's a bt strange cause she still means has much has she always has, but I just don't think of her that way. Maybe I realize I couldn't hurt her just being her friend if that makes sense, so I just stop thinking for her that way.
[1] xyz @ | 22-Oct-07/12:54 AM | Reply
Wow, this is pretty bad. How old are you? Check out my poem's much more sophisticated. It's a true love story with about a lady friend.
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