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Relive the Fifth (Lyric) by Miggy
If on a crowded express line With a bunch of random passengers Who look for their destination And you in the moment show An unpredictable smile It might look a little strange But even with that one little try Their ride may seem just a bit faster From a sudden happiness sensation And you in the moment know For at least some while You started a positive change (Chorus) Changed people coming back From their spiritual trip Over time they must recall the fact To honestly relive the fifth If walking down a school hallway With many a students surround a pair Two angered peers playing a game of Fist Face With red coming out as common as clear Until you throw yourself in the middle As others would not want to be in your place For four knuckles may end your day If both did not take time to stare And their sinful motives quickly erased With words of forgiveness for the peels Since you became a peacemaker’s fiddle Others will live from this subtle case (Chorus) For those who Doubted the First Cried the Second Trusted the Third And shall Live the Forth Stay true And help in bursts Every him or her For live is short (Chorus)

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Posted: March 7, 2006 7:34 PM PST; Last modified: March 7, 2006 7:34 PM PST
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[7] Ranger @ | 8-Mar-06/3:53 AM | Reply
This is great in places as a lyric, but other areas don't hold up as well in my view. Stanza 1 is nice, but stanza 2 is a little...erm...I don't really know how to describe it. 'You started a positive change'? I don't like that - not meaning to be rude, but I think you could find a more imaginative way of phrasing it. The schoolfight bit is pretty good, although a little Utopian I fear, and the ending isn't bad either. I just feel that with a but more imaginative wordplay this would get a whole lot better.
[n/a] Niphredil @ | 8-Mar-06/9:08 AM | Reply
Just curious, what do you mean by the First, Second and so on? I don't get it... but I'd like to.
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