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The Marble Me (Other) by PsydewaysTears
My marble sits upon his throne And murders me with memories, Reminding me how I'm alone Inside my goth-pop melodies. He saw the world in me I named him Spex in hopes that he Could see the tears inside of me, But through this veil of broken prayers I shadow hopes my heart impairs. He saw the world in me I clenched him in a sweaty fist And twirled my fingers 'round my wrist To ease the tension wrought by pain Before it tethered me insane. He saw the world in me My marble's clear with bubbles through, A two-inch sphere with point of view. I carried him around that day. He listened in on all hearsay. He saw the world in me The rain was falling loudly Yet I held him closer proudly, But just as spirits started brewing I slipped out from the porridge stewing. He saw the world in me A rise, a fall and best of all... A freshmen pounded to the wall. I dodged and ducked my way unscathed As prayers flew like birds uncaged. He saw the world in me And when the day was over then I feigned a crisp but strong "amen" And waited for the rainbow that Would dawn the sky my clouds begat. He saw the world in me So now when Spex looms down at me He knows the truth he found in me. He sees how rainbows can't appear Above the lies we engineer. He saw the world in me He saw in me what lay within And said to me, "Why, we're akin! You see, that fateful day so blue Is really all there is in you." He saw the world in me "We all resemble who we are Be it plain or it bizarre, And so on the day on which you hid You became exactly what you did." He saw the world in me I cry but cannot disagree On points that stab at me so true 'Cause when he sees the world in me I look... and I see nothing too. I saw the marble me.

Up the ladder: A New Year Prayer

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Posted: October 21, 2005 1:48 AM PDT; Last modified: October 21, 2005 1:48 AM PDT
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[10] zodiac @ | 21-Oct-05/9:35 AM | Reply
I thought from the title this was going to be awful. Then the goth-pop came in and I saw the marble was actually a, you know, shooting marble. Ace. -10-
[4] Tintagiles @ | 22-Oct-05/7:16 PM | Reply
The first two lines aren't bad. The rest...
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