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Stabbed with a Carrot (Free verse) by T. Jonathron Remp
I never thought it could be Me: My non-orange skin (Although under some lights quite red and orange) Pierced with a dagger carved from a Carrot Actually it was an uncarved Carrot (And the dagger bit was a metaphor, or perhaps a description of shape, but in the end an irresponsible exaggeration) A Carrot so wielded as to be used as a dagger And cast upon my non-orange skin And then almost immediately after, through the skin Into my sub-skin region Where it began a cascade of pain sensation Which signaled to me that a Carrot (wielded as a dagger, but not similar to one in shape) had just been shoved, or stabbed, into me Actually I had already assumed this notion upon seeing the Carrot come close to me in a dagger-like fashion And then the cascade of pain just signaled to me that it hurt Which it did, also, spiritually

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Posted: July 22, 2005 3:08 PM PDT; Last modified: July 22, 2005 3:08 PM PDT
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[6] Dovina @ | 24-Jul-05/6:38 AM | Reply
A bit like the 'words will never hurt me' nonsenense of a cliche. A carot can hurt if you think it can. I don't get how this is 'spiritually' true. I seems like just the effect of belief.
[n/a] T. Jonathron Remp @ > Dovina | 24-Jul-05/9:10 AM | Reply
Don't be so down on yourself, I'm sure that you are more than the effect of belief.
[6] Dovina @ > T. Jonathron Remp | 25-Jul-05/6:36 AM | Reply
I mean only that a carot, carved like a knief, can hurt if I think it can hurt, or if you hit me hard enough with it.
[n/a] zodiac @ > Dovina | 26-Jul-05/1:15 AM | Reply
This is all kind of a silly discussion. The truth is a carrot can simply hurt you, period. Not figuratively. Not because of your belief. Because you could stab somebody really hard with it. In my country we have carrots as thick as your wrist, and that's the friggin desert.
[7] Nuit @ | 25-Jul-05/3:09 AM | Reply
7 for the comedy value, and the adverse spiritual affects. You poor soul...!
[2] Stephen Robins @ | 25-Jul-05/11:31 AM | Reply
If gayness could be reduced to its raw intrinsic matter and then condensed into some form of compound it would be a potion on which you would daily have gorged until your bottom was as dilated as a blue whales snatch.
[4] LilMsLadyPoet @ > Stephen Robins | 26-Jul-05/10:51 PM | Reply
Stephen...WHAT???!!! Do you have some kind of complex? can't giggle at this? You have to take it so serious as to write a comment like, you need to get out more...take yoga...meditate, get some meds...something!
[2] Stephen Robins @ > LilMsLadyPoet | 8-Aug-05/1:14 PM | Reply
thanks you colossal stain.
[4] LilMsLadyPoet @ | 26-Jul-05/10:48 PM | Reply fun non-sense...can't give it a high score, though it was good for a chuckle. You have a strange sense of I see in more than a few unique friends of mine.
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