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The Sparky (Free verse) by RGSsparky
The Sparky is a wierd odd zing He will try to rhyme with nothing Proof that negatives can be offering RaNdOm CaPs To CoNfUsE ReAdInG Wolfey is the best at beating governing RGS oldies for ever on this thing Who cares enough to read any anything You got this far so now i will be disapointing and be now saying my goodays - ing

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Arithmetic Mean: 8.0
Weighted score: 7.193176
Overall Rank: 22
Posted: November 8, 2004 4:57 PM PST; Last modified: November 8, 2004 4:57 PM PST
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[n/a] RGSsparky @ | 8-Nov-04/5:00 PM | Reply
Uni coursework spawned my first creation, please slate it. I love you all, except you, you, you and you:D
The Sparky
[n/a] RGSsparky @ > RGSsparky | 8-Nov-04/5:01 PM | Reply
By the way, i know i cant spell, so please dont try to correct my spelling, correct it for yourself in your head.
[n/a] electroman1979 @ > RGSsparky | 8-Nov-04/9:45 PM | Reply
why the name sparky?
[10] Bobjim @ > electroman1979 | 11-Nov-04/5:35 AM | Reply
Short for Sparkinder the bush mongoose
[n/a] RGSsparky @ > Bobjim | 16-Nov-04/1:28 PM | Reply
Or could i have been struck by lightning several times?
No i dont belive it,
Or could i have a pyromaniac problem?
Yes, but that isnt the reason.
Could it be because one of your school friends changed the "I love you baby" song to fit your name, and one of the rhyming words on the next line was sparky, and from then on he kept calling you that and others started to call you it aswell?
Well to be Frank, Yes, but im not frank, im sparky.
[10] Bobjim @ | 12-Nov-04/3:05 AM | Reply
I found this poem entertaining
Considering who wrote it it's amazing
I've never ever seen such rhyming
Here's a 10 for your great poeming
[n/a] RGSsparky @ > Bobjim | 16-Nov-04/1:24 PM | Reply
I will be giving
You 10 points for amazing
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