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Easier To Say Good-bye (Free verse) by Brandy_n_Cali
It almost feels right, A Love to explode out of sight. Grab a hold, never let go, let the beat of your heart flow. It might be love but, probably not. No matter what it's got to be hot Flames burning deep in your heart, nothing could ever break this apart. At least that is what you thought until it was gone. Then you have realized you have wasted your time for too long....... -Good-bye is all you said, your voice is left to echo in my head. So what should I do? What can I say? I don't even think I can just walk away. I want to stand there and stare at you. Hoping that soon I will know what to do. Ok, maybe I will just walk away. But still, Is there something I should say? So I turn around, making my footsteps the only sound. I get home, all I want is to be alone. As I lay down in bed, the phone rang. Your voice no longer sounds the same. As you said, "Hello", All I could do was cry. IT WAS ALMOST EASIER TO SAY GOOD-BYE

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Overall Rank: 2162
Posted: August 21, 2004 8:19 PM PDT; Last modified: August 21, 2004 8:19 PM PDT
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[10] Dan garcia-Black @ | 22-Aug-04/10:37 AM | Reply
Innocent insight.
[9] Prince of Void @ | 23-Aug-04/1:27 AM | Reply
that's really a nice poem ........
[5] nentwined @ | 7-Sep-04/8:32 PM | Reply
a little less pretension could help this.
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