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GENTLE JANE (Ode) by titan69
There once was a girl called Jane although her face was spotty and plane her body was like a temple The way she walked just drove me mental she spoke all soft and gentle. Oh Gentle Jane Gentle Jane I have spent many an hour just staring at you thinking of all the things we could do. what you would be like to skrew. Dreaming hoping oh dear gentle Jane. But the other night When you stood at the bar I think i pushed it a little to far I plucked up my courage I asked would you like a beer!! She leand over and spoke softly in my ear. "You are barking up the wrong tree dear" It only turned out she was queer! Gentle Jane you fucking bitch!!!!!!!

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Arithmetic Mean: 6.0
Weighted score: 5.0474257
Overall Rank: 6931
Posted: May 30, 2004 12:58 AM PDT; Last modified: November 18, 2007 12:43 PM PST
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[10] zodiac @ | 30-May-04/4:37 AM | Reply
The most stellar ode about finding out a girl's gay and yelling "you bitch" on poemranker, minus 2.
[n/a] titan69 @ > zodiac | 30-May-04/10:53 AM | Reply
what is this stellar thing. I could have wrote somthing a bit stronger than bitch. I know But i didnt want to upset to many
gay bastards.
[10] zodiac @ > titan69 | 30-May-04/3:22 PM | Reply
Why the hell not?

It's not like you could've gotten laid by this girl but then since you called her a "bull dyke," which she was, now she's giving it up vociferously to your roommate instead while you're pretending to sleep on the bottom bunk and wondering when they'll go to the bathroom so you can sneak out and sleep in the entryway. Insulting gayos can have no negative but only positive consequences. I say, don't hold back! Let the bummers and flannelled double-enders have it!
[n/a] titan69 @ > zodiac | 30-May-04/11:29 PM | Reply
well said!!
[n/a] god'swife @ | 30-May-04/2:20 PM | Reply
[n/a] titan69 @ > god'swife | 30-May-04/11:33 PM | Reply
I love the way you always correct my spelling.
yourjust like a real wife picking out silly little things
and not looking at what realy matters?
[n/a] the codeine kid @ > titan69 | 2-Jun-04/1:45 PM | Reply
Titan...i'm reading your stuff and there seems to be a recurring theme seem to be a happy fun loving guy who obviously enjoys winding up the more pretentious elements on poemranker and you make me feel embarressed about my own miserabilist self pitying tendencies (I'm not a trainspotter however...THAT one really is made up okay) (is it really a coincidence that poemranker rhymes with w.....???
) but Titan...are you getting enough?
[9] arduinn @ | 5-Jun-04/9:32 AM | Reply
different from what i read
[n/a] Skamper @ | 19-Nov-07/7:45 PM | Reply
this could have been funny...nah...who am I kidding, it's god awful
[n/a] titan69 @ > Skamper | 20-Nov-07/1:43 PM | Reply
the whole point is... its meant to be awful
get it!!!!
[n/a] Skamper @ > titan69 | 21-Nov-07/1:08 AM | Reply
the scenario or the writing of it?
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