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Re: Heartsong by RobinGayle 23-Aug-02/4:39 PM
So sorrye 'bout your plight auld chap. 'Twas certain Edgar warned ye - Shoehornes are naught for arses.
Re: the mattress is a magnet by silvertongueddevil 20-Jul-02/9:04 AM
sultry, sad & sexy
Re: Back from the night shift by Corey McHattan 20-Jul-02/8:50 AM
All too familiar scenario. It gets better if you don't let it get worse.
Re: Bring me back to life by kawakurdi 20-Jul-02/8:49 AM
Ahhh, if only this were possible. Great visual with sowing the stars.
Re: somebody's birthday by jay_dace 19-Jul-02/9:28 AM
Angst well defined.
Re: for Violet Jean by jay_dace 19-Jul-02/9:24 AM
powerful, can almost see you ducking

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