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the mattress is a magnet (Free verse) by silvertongueddevil
the mattress is a magnet to the warm flesh lonely people when the world's eye the window draws its curtain lids and the late dark hours are tinted by the light globe spilling yellow. when all our words have burned down to embers like a fire, and our hands have found each other in the space that's left between us, we know the mattress is a magnet to the warm flesh lonely people you could go back to your home while i stay here in mine, and if caution was the dollar we'd both be poorhouse tenants, but the mattress is a magnet to the warm flesh lonely people. will you stay with me tonight, we are close as our clothing, the kisses are not finished, our hands are still busy, and the mattress is a magnet for our flesh tired of the separation.

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Arithmetic Mean: 6.071429
Weighted score: 5.783277
Overall Rank: 1713
Posted: May 11, 2002 3:22 AM PDT; Last modified: May 11, 2002 3:22 AM PDT
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[7] RobinGayle @ | 20-Jul-02/9:04 AM | Reply
sultry, sad & sexy
[10] ==Doylum @ | 1-Aug-02/5:26 PM | Reply
I love your dirty poems
[8] <~> @ | 1-Aug-02/6:36 PM | Reply
oh. so close. i got all excited--i thought i might have stumbled upon a vilanelle! but it was not to be... <sigh> a nice effort just the same.
[8] <~> @ | 3-Sep-02/8:38 AM | Reply
a warm and welcoming magnet indeed.
[8] god'swife @ | 3-Sep-02/8:42 AM | Reply
Fantastic poetry. Your observations are always true and original. The title of this caught my eye.
[n/a] Lenore @ | 3-Sep-02/8:37 PM | Reply
change the last line to >to the warm flesh lonely people.< and keep going! I was really into this and then it just stops. Where's the big finish?
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