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20 most recent comments by Sylvia Bravo and replies
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Re: a comment on THE POEMRANKER SEXCHART VERSION 1.2 FINAL by TanHand 21-Feb-03/11:10 PM
Damn it, I am the virgin.
Re: a comment on Your word's hurt, only you. by horus8 21-Feb-03/10:35 PM
I painted fat Asians wearing kimonos and now I am adding tissue paper for looks horrible. At least it makes you smile. You never answered my drug question, DA.
Re: a comment on Your word's hurt, only you. by horus8 21-Feb-03/10:32 PM
Quit appologizing to him. He is evil man. Remember when he thought that you and me had this great conspiracy against him. Well it's happening again, just igonore him. He blames you for everything, which is hillarious considering he doesn't even know you.
Re: a comment on Curry Gives You The Shits by spank me baby yeah 21-Feb-03/10:26 PM
Do you think we are the same person? I don't have a superman's haircut.

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