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Re: Back to Sorrow by justjay 20-May-04/5:59 AM
i'd say all i grab ARE the links again...
Re: Fighting before bed by zodiac 20-May-04/11:02 AM
the last 6 lines are good.
you need to maybe not use huge words together..
"crass nomenclature,
warm in our eiderdown plicature."
it really, really cuts up the flow. so there!
Re: Unwed by gilded in gold 23-Jan-05/12:20 PM
to Goad, who considers incomplete thoughts unworthy of interpretation and "mental diarhea" or "meaningless dribble", i say, you're entitled to your preferences, and you're real boring.

Re: Unwed by gilded in gold 23-Jan-05/5:59 PM
Re: Unwed by gilded in gold 23-Jan-05/6:44 PM
No Goad, i meant LOL in a good way.

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