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In the Land of Bob (Free verse) by Bobjim
Monday in the Land of Bob, And the earth has split asunder. Destruction’s nephew Ruination, Has come to laugh and play. Yet now there’s none to joke with him, Since the castles flew away. Hence the cracking and the thunder, But tomorrow’s another day. Tuesday in the Land of Bob, And the skies with aliens fill. For these are the minions of Famine, Come to starve us of crazy golf. But this verse could be a problem, As my only rhyme is Rolf, And none could pass the spinning ‘mill, So they all went home to Venus. Wednesday in the Land of Bob, And a plague spreads o’er the land. Pestilence has come for you, With the pox of Hokey-Mins. It bringeth boils and syphilis, And sometimes causes growth of fins. The mad will shoot elastic bands, Whilst others never cease to spin. Thursday in the Land of Bob, And evil roams the glen. For Death has risen from the grave, To wreak the vengeance that’s his whim. He’s brought the Hollow Chocolate Bunnies, Of the Apocalypse with him, To thieve the lives of mice and men, To bring about an age of sin. Friday in the Land of Bob, And it’s Friday I’m in love. So cease this fool destruction, Before you wreck my favourite pub. We can’t spoil the world just yet you see, And since my name is Bob, I think you’ll find this world is mine, And it’ll last as long as I want.

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