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start here (Free verse) by jsd
“wake up and shake dreams from your hair”* early morning, my mind is still bare. days start slowly, and everything is frozen. as the first hazy minutes pass, I tend to break open… I got ancient blood on my hands, and what must be hundreds of movies in my head… of my feet sinking into the sand spending the entire day in bed and reaching out to touch an invisible hand I ache to feel overjoyed - thrilled - and my heart’s wholly spilled …to cease this happenstance floating to stay far away from sugarcoating to feel the struggle to survive to be unwise in uninhibited emotions courageous, in love, and frightened face threatening forces to be unsafe in my own mind to find someone of my kind and when everything is broken… GOOD MORNING, SUN… I’m young and involved in dangerous thought I want to look back and believe that I fought and never hear ‘she was young and involved in dangerous hearts, but she never once let herself start…’ still feel that it’s better to have everything broken than to leave everything frozen and if any of you ever want me you’ll have my company… start here. *note – I am aware that the first line is a Pink Floyd line—hence the quotation marks.

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