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Help Me Water The Garden (Free verse) by Blindpoetry
Every day I think I can take the space I end up looking in the mirror, face to face Striking a pose doesn't seem to fit (I'm ugly) I'll stand there with a sad face, looking like shit Every day I think I can take the smell I end up in the shower, cleaning what came from Hell I show'ed my eerie sense destroyed my personality (created a new one) Killing my own family, Killing my own family, Inside of me, Inside of me I'll sleep late, trying to make the day go away I'll wake in the late afternoon and find love decay (It sat there long before) Always, this will happen and my eyes will get chemicalized (By the onion) And I'll get blinded by the fumes coming from eyes Everyday, I decide to work on my garden, but I'm afraid of the bee It's neurotical: blue and can't see (Blind as a flash light) This phobia couldn't be true; I was once that thing But my stinger was shattered from a hard-skin sting Help me water the plants...

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