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Over Simplification (Free verse) by Richard
Slivers of measure turned to shavings by a carpenter’s hand. Internal tribulations inhibited and a valid recall authorized. Ash covered eye excretion, quiescent in a cold campfire. Wrongfully purchased items returned within thirty days, The residue crossed through, an old receipt refunded. Unrequited aspiration for earlier currency possessed, Dirty though they were, now gone to another’s hand. My wallet filled with brand new legal tender, I shall carry them folded, in my back pocket. i.e. That time of us- Anesthetized, I. Cascaded tears, fallen, cold ashes their haven. For this short time together, You, a mistake, wishfully erased. I long for her that preceded you, But she has moved on, So have I… Ergo Moments, begetting Painlessness, begetting Weeping, begetting Liaison, begetting Aftermath, begetting Oblivion, begetting Recovery, begetting Mending, begetting Solace.

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